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Are you looking for a Vashikaran Specialist? Do you want to bring your lost love back with the help of Vashikaran mantra? Are you trying to attract a person who seems uninterested in you? I believe your answer is Yes. As you have decided to open this page, let me give you this assurance and faith that “It’s Time for all your dreams to come true”. By landing here on this Page, you’ve already taken the first step towards your happiness.

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We deal with every kind of people. People deeply rooted in their beliefs and are unable to grasp the power the ancient science of Vashikaran. As the current scientific education makes us question the very existence of God and Spirits, it makes hard for people to have faith in Vashikaran mantra. our vashikaran specialist astrologer help you easy way. So for all those friends of ours , who in search of solutions may have landed here on our site but still sceptic about going forward?

Vashikaran Specialist want you to be with me while I win your trust and make your minds approve the existence and power of Vashikaran, logically.

Do you believe in paranormal activities and believe there is something which denies to be explained with logic. We are surrounded by such incidents which fail the logical approach. And the people with scientific temper may claim all this preposterous, but cannot explain the existence of such events. I give you the scientific reason to satiate your curiosity. Do you know that the human brain produces electromagnetic fields? The stranger fact is that the human heart produces even stronger electromagnetic waves. It creates an aura around out body.We know that we are able to change the genetic structure of ours as well as others. Hence, believe it or not, Vashikaran is a science. The origin of Vashikaran is embedded in the frequency of a particular thought.

Vashikaran/Hypnosis is used in many treatments as well by a select group of Scientists today.

In case you want more to reinforce your belief in the witchcraft Spells and black magic spells, you can read fiction works by E.L Bono. Also some scientific and empirical studies by H.P Blavatsky attempts to give a clear cut picture of occult sciences like Vashikaran.

 Meaning of Vashikaran and its importance

Vashikaran is a word of Sanskrit, in its literal sense it means to control the mind of a person in order to make him/her act as per your wishes. It is a subtler form of Hypnotism. Vashikaran is a science. It is applied in various situations. Vashikaran Mantra Specialist in Dubai handles difficult people. The way science is developing, it explains the origin of Vashikaran mantra more logically and empirically. This is an established scientific fact that we attract people through vibes. When two people share same vibes they feel attracted towards each other. The pirs and saints are well aware of this fact. Hence since time immemorial they have been using the techniques to solve different problems.

Vashikaran helps in problems of couples. But some precautions usually followed while exercising Vashikaran are important. Therefore it becomes very important to contact  a veteran and flawless vashikaran Mantra specialist. Vashikaran is highly prevalent in the Islamic areas. Consequently, making the vashikaran  Mantra specialists as perfect and very experienced. There are such specialists whose family has been in the same profession from years. They have learnt the Vashikaran Techniques from their ancestors.

Different types of Vashikaran

  1. Arandvashikaran

Om namohkaalbhairav kali raat kala aayaaadhiraatchalekatarbandhutubavan veer

parnari so rakhe seer chhatidharikevakolaaosoti hoy, jagakelaaobaithi hoy, uthake

laaoshabadsancha, pindkanchaphure mantra iswarowachasatyanaamadesh guru ka.

learn this mantra by heart and when there is diwali or holi on any sunday, uproot the redarand (a small tree) chanting the above mantra in one turn from your left hand and bring it home. Make small pieces of it. Read this mantra 21 times and energize the each pieceblowing on it. Anyway, touch any of the piece to a lady, the lady will be behind you.

  1. Paanvashikaran

sree ram naamrabeliakankabiri

suniyenari, baathari

akpaan sang mangaye

akpaansezsau lave


hamkochhoraurkodekhe to terakalejamuhammad veer chakkhe.

make the three paan energized with this mantra chanting it 21 times. After eating the first one, she will be your friend. The second one will bring her in your arms. The third one will make her so in love with you that she will never imagine anyone else except you.

  1. Ghee vashikaran


emoremaam tor pomor

kole o iryam


osidh, siddheshwarimathakhavo.

Take the pure ghee of a cow and make it energized chanting this mantra seven times.

Whomsoever, it will be given, under you.

Note: this mantra can be used for both male and female.

Symptoms of People having effect of Vashikaran:

When a person is under incidence of Vashikaran, there are some symptoms that he will show. It is very important that the family members see the abnormal behavior.

  • Hunger finished
  • Melancholic almost every time
  • Not well, feeling sick and feverish.
  • Headache and feeling burden of something
  • Mind has no self-control, as vashikaran is done and mind is in slavery of someone else
  • Fighting and aggression
  • Laid Back, Doing things at abysmally low speed.
  • No proactiveness in any thing

How to get love back By Vashikaran

  1.  If you are among those couples who fight regularly on the basis of unwarranted misunderstandings. If your boyfriend is unable to understand your needs. None of them is able to understand the viewpoint of the other person.  It is not easy to remove these misunderstandings. To get him/her back is not an easy task. Unknowingly also we tend to hurt the partner and then we also suffer in solitude. The couple suffers for the lack of knowledge about different ancient techniques of Vashikaran specialist for lost love. If they contact a specialist, they will get the required help. In order to evoke love in the partner’s heart and save the relationship, young couples should get acquainted with the old knowledge of our Pundits, saints and pirs. Sometimes out of sheer ignorance we live the life of pain and suffering which can be avoided.

Vashikaran specialist for lost love is also practiced to convince your parents. In the path of love there are many hurdles. Some couples separates due to parental pressures. One has to fight in all such burdens when in love. In love marriages, even if the couple is ready to get married. The society puts restrictions on many fronts. Parents create the block. To remove such blocks a type of hypnotism is required. To control the mind of parents and making them understand that there

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi

  1. ओमहारीमकुरूमपिसचिनी ( जिसकावशीकरणकरनाहैउसव्यक्तिकानामलें) मंवशियमभवन्ति
  2. Om HrimNamah. Om ChemHrimHrimAam Ham Swaha
  3. OomHreenKreenAmukamakarshayvashyamkurukuruswaha
  4. Ooombhrabhrabhubhairavswaha,ombhanbhanbhanamukmohnayaswaha
  5. Kalum uh dhodarkarusalam mere nan, surma base jo nirkhe so payenpade.Gosulaajamdastgirkiduhai
  6. Om Asysrisundrimantraswarthvam. Risiitiswhipasswaha