How to Make Your Marriage Life Happy According to Vastu Shastra?

vastu tips for marriage

Marriage is considered as one of the most sacred relationship. There are several ups and downs that arise in the marriage life. It all depends on the couple that how they handle the issues that are arising in their married life. Some of the couples are able to handle the issues on the other hand some of them are not able to handle. Here we are providing some of the vastu tips for loving and healthy marriage life.

It is necessary that the bedroom of the house must be according to the vastu shastra in order for married couple to enjoy a happy, blissful and fulfilling marriage. The bedroom is the section of the house that on a subtle yet very powerful level that contributes the most in determining the overall quality of a couple’s marriage. With the help of the effective vastu based tips and remedies for the couples that if adopted by them with the respect to the bedroom of their house and one can also avail effective witchcraft spells for love.

Vastu Tips to maintain peace and harmony in marriage life:

  • It is necessary for couples to understand that their bedroom must be in the south west or in the north west direction of their house. You can  take help of specialist in love marriage.
  • You need to consider that the bed should be made up of the wood rather than the metal as beds made up of the metal create a trust deficit among the couple.
  • While couple place the two lamps by the both sides of the bed as it helps in achieving the mutual understanding for each other.
  • In the bedroom there should not be the painting that is depicting war, sadness or any other negative emotion. It attracts negative energies that promote the bitter disagreements.
  • If you and your partner wants to have your pictures in the bedroom then you must always put up the pictures that have both of them in the frame. It helps to promote the harmony and a sense of the togetherness between them.
  • Remember that the color of the bedroom walls must be light and soothing rather than dark and gloomy.

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